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Family Ideals and Economics

Bermuda's Economic Ideals… Ideas… ides… idis… idios…idio?s



          Two articles in today's Royal Gazette discuss ideals and ideas about matters of importance to Bermuda's economy. No, it's not the ides of anything. However, I did need the word to get to where I really want to be because at the end of the day it may just come down to the point where only an idis will be able to save the place from itself.  The idios of thought that many people appear to believe proves their "rightness"is truth and will save them from future bad tidings, rather than seeking solution through peaceful and respectful discussion of what is best is at best producing a bunch of idio?s.

           Looking at this discussion from afar is at once humorous, painful, humiliating, and mind boggling to say the least.

           How could a place that is filled with such sophistication, wealth, worldliness, and natural beauty in abundance seem to be so crude, poor in spirit, close minded, and ugly toward humanity, that is a reflection of themselves?

           Before I even read any part of the John Stubb's article I knew what the comments would be right off the bat… and so it was. One side sniping about the timing being "sour grapes," and the other side yapping about "see I told you so."

           In the airport article, the talk,because it surely cannot be defined as a discussion, immediately turns to contractual obligations, politically expedient promises, and the like, nothing about the overall benefits, needs, or even any obvious downsides to the arrangement. The mere fact of having a new building that doesn't have a leaky roof must surely be a positive.

           How ironic that all of this talk is taking place at the same time, there is talk of shortages of fresh produce due to mechanical problems with the "Oleander," and complaints of"how could I, a privileged Bermudian, be stopped from traveling into the U.S. over a visa issue.  Doesn't the world know who I am, and from whence I cometh.

           Perhaps what the world is trying to say is this little 21 square miles of rock that used to be volcanic and vibrant is finally showing what it truly is… a little piece of nothingness out in the ocean… almost totally dependent on others for survival. Yes, maybe international help, even in human form, is needed to assist with the island's continued growth. Isn't that what was said in the article about the Mirrors program. Where are all the Bermudians to fill the void left by those expatriate volunteers, and to give the financial aid no longer provided by all those international companies that are no longer here? Trust and believe, with this global economy, greener pastures can be found on other lands.

           Bermuda should look at itself as a fashion model; beauty is only skin deep. Attitude is what keeps the cameras clicking and the catcalls coming.  

           It appears to me that the attitude of many of those who submit comments to media information is not one of resolution but rather continued conflict. We may not want to be dependent.Nonetheless, to survive we must be more interdependent.

           There is no best party, there is only best practice. There is not just one "real" Bermudian, there is only residents of a land called Bermuda trying to live the best life possible.

           If the majority of Bermudians were really sincere about Bermuda for Bermudians, they would reach out across the aisle to meet, greet, and shake hands with their black and white"cousins."  

           All of our perceived ideals and best thought out politically motivated ideas will not solve any of the important issues that stand before us, definitely not before the ides of any coming month, and there will be no idis, German or English, whose divinity can save us if we continue to believe that only our idios, personally, is the truth and anyone else's opinions or solutions are the rantings of raving idio?s.

           At the end of the day, this island was settled by the English colonists on the way to somewhere else who then brought in persons of African, Native American and other descent. The diverse groups intermingled, whether consensually or not consensually, does not the final outcome change. Bermuda is so intricately woven by DNA that the infighting seems to be reflective of the inbreeding and insufficient understanding and acceptance of the real factual history that ties each and every one of us together.

Wake up people. Stop fighting. We really are FAMILY!

Petalouda Sunshine

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