From discovering their ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, the largest DNA network in the world is helping more people find the singular story in their DNA. Yours is just as unique, revealing traces of your family history—who your ancestors were and where they came from.

Do you wonder if you may have a Bermudian connection? Perhaps your English ancestor was shipwrecked on the way to North America as a colonist. Or, maybe a family member was sent from the Caribbean to Bermuda more than 100 years ago, or traveled during the mass emigration from the West Indies and/or the Azores. No matter how your family member may have landed in Bermuda, you have come to the right place to find your Bermudian connection.

Send us an e-mail or call to discuss your family history. You never know what history a name or two will find about you. Our database, compiled by resident genealogist, Dane Simmons, may have the answers you are looking for about your Bermudian connection.

About Genealogist Dane Simmons

By Jessie Moniz Hardy
Researching a family tree can be like untangling a ball of yarn for some Bermudian families.

Dane Simmons knows this well. He did not know his father had other children until the age of eight, when he found himself in a class with his half-sister.

Mr Simmons’ parents’ were separated and he had recently moved parishes and schools. Children often try to one-up each other by bragging about their parents. Mr Simmons bragged that his daddy’s taxi was blue and white with the number 1629. One of his new classmates said her daddy’s taxi was the same colour and had the same number. Then the penny dropped. They had the same daddy. Their mothers were called.

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