Where History & Family Come Together

Welcome and thank you for making the first step to your Bermudian connection! Here you can find links and information about Bermuda - the people, the culture, the politics, the history. But the real reason you clicked is to connect to your past, your present, or, perhaps, your future.

Here, Genealogist, Dane Simmons, may hold the missing link to complete a family tree or to find a long lost family member.
Bermuda Connection, your key to the past, connection to the present, opening your world to a future with new family, friends, and possibilities.

Introducing a Bermudaful World

Have you dreamed of visiting paradise? Bermuda is the perfect location that offers uninterrupted relaxation on pink-sand beaches, unbeatable scenery, authentic Bermudian cuisine, and a rich, inviting culture.

In Bermuda, you’ll discover a new way of life that is very easygoing and stress free.  We take time to enjoy a long walk along the beach, dance to music, and relax. Here, you can escape your busy life and live by Bobby McFerrin’s motto:  Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Come visit Bermuda to enjoy new experiences, get to know a new and diverse culture, and spoil yourself with relaxation!

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